How a Custom Metal Sign Adds Value to Family Tree Wall Art

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Family tree wall art has been popular for many decades, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. Some families make their own family tree wall art by using an overhead projector to project the silhouette of a tree on their wall. After tracing the tree and its roots, they paint the wall and tree to blend in with the home's decor. Sometimes they hang pictures on the family tree to show how everyone relates to the other, while others write the names of everyone in the family, and how they relate to one another on the tree.

There are some downsides to this type of project. It is a big project, and if it is painted on the wall of the house, it will eventually be painted over. Plus, at the end of the day, if you have seen one of these family tree wall art projects, you have seen them all. By contrast, metal signs combine beautiful custom graphics that say something important and special about your family. Your custom metal sign turns your family name into art.

Ways to Use a Custom Metal Sign for Family Tree Wall Art

Each family gets to choose which custom metal signs are most appropriate for them. When you buy your personalized family tree wall art, you get to choose which design means the most for your family.

Take, for example, the custom metal signs you can purchase from Standout Steel Designs. Our family tree wall art signs come in four different colors (black, white, silver and gold) so you can choose the colors that match your home and personal taste. Black stands out perfectly against cool light-colored walls, while gold, silver, and white contrast nicely with darker paint colors. 

Each custom metal sign can be sized to the space where the family tree wall art will be hung, and most importantly, you get to pick the design that means the most to your family. For example, are you hoping to use your personalized family tree wall art to decorate your family house boat? The pool side sign with nautical symbols will add value and beauty to the interior walls, as will the pelican personalized sign.

Or perhaps you are seeking a sign to hang on your back deck near your fire pit. We have a lot of family tree wall art ideas that reflect an indoor/outdoor lifestyle - simply perfect for decorating your outdoor living space. Try our cozy night by the fire sign to add a touch of outdoorsy fun to your fire pit space, or try our home in the mountains sign, which reflects an appreciation for indoor comforts and outdoor beauty. 

Even the message itself can be personalized for your tastes. While some people may choose to personalize their sign with their address or with a favorite slogan, other people seeking a simpler and more minimalist design may choose a monogram to symbolize their family and the people in it. 

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Different Ways Custom Metal Signs Can Add Value To Your Home

There are so many ways that personalized family tree wall art can make all the difference in your space at home. Once you have hung a custom metal sign on your wall, it is hard to imagine not having a beautiful graphic sign in that space. 

Make the Space Your Own

You personalized your home in many ways. You picked the furniture you like, chose the color on the wall, bought rugs that matched your tastes and so on. ...but nothing compares to the personalization that you bring to the space when you hang family tree wall art.

Your custom metal sign may include your family name and even your family slogan on the wall. That, combined with an attractive graphic design, will help you feel more ownership over your space. Every time you see the sign, you will be reminded that this house and this space is special to you and your family. 

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Add Class and Elegance To an Otherwise Empty Wall

Empty walls can be disappointing and even a little off-putting. You can change that by installing a piece of family tree wall art of your choosing. If you are trying to decorate the walls of a new home, hanging a metal sign with a clean, attractive graphic image can make your home that much more attractive and home-like. Not sure which sign would be best for your home? Check out Standout Steel Designs family tree wall art ideas. Our custom signs add class and elegance to an otherwise simple wall. 

Can Be Used in Creative and Surprising Ways

Our custom metal signs can be hung in such a way that they blend in with the wall itself. For example, if the wall is painted white and the sign is also painted white, then the sign can become a part of the overall design of the room while also enhancing it. This white-on-white look can be recreated with a silver sign and gray wall, or even black-on-black. 

Have Family Tree Wall Art Ideas? Contact Standout Steel Designs

Make your home beautiful. Call us with your family tree wall art ideas. Order your custom-cut family tree today. We will be happy to help you find the right design for your home, while also helping you reach new creative heights with your custom sign. To get started with your order, submit your questions or order through our website at