Narrowing Down Your Options for Home Address Signs

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Have you been searching for home address signs?  If so, you are likely looking for a solution that hits all the marks, such as making your home’s address highly visible, while adding to the home’s exterior aesthetic beauty. The best companies that make home address signs add a touch of beauty to your yard and home. With that, there are several options to consider. Narrowing them down can be a fun challenge and will provide the benefit of having a beautiful plaque that you will love for years to come.

House address signs should be both stylish and durable. They should also make it easy to identify your address. Home address signs that are too big detract from the style of the property by overpowering it and become the main focal point. Verifying the address can be difficult If they are too small.

Determine the Right Size for Your House Address Signs

Several factors help determine the size of sign you should use, but here is a common rule of thumb. If there is not a driveway, use small house address signs. For homes under 3,000 square feet or those homes less than 30 – 40-feet from the curb, choose a standard-sized sign.

If the home address sign is for a larger property, i.e., those over 3,000 square feet or set back from the curb by more than 40 – 50-feet, be sure to go with a more prominent sign at the home or a standard size at the end of the driveway for easy visibility.

Standout Steel Designs provides several sizes and colors to match the size and style of your home. By using the proper size, you can have a beautiful, stylish addition to the facade of your home for years. Be sure to go with high-quality material to be sure it will last throughout the years and the wear it will face from the elements.

Why Choose Metal Address Signs for Your Home?

Choosing metal address signs for the home is ideal because they are part of a huge trend (rustic, industrial, country) and come in a number of options. Home address signs come in a variety of materials. You can find everything from stone to plastic. Over the years, stone has been considered the most durable. However, that has changed with the inclusion of highly durable coatings that keep metal from deteriorating in the elements.

Using home address signs made of metal will give you the durability needed to last for years. You will be pleased with the variety of coatings and styles you can find. The old adage that metal address signs aren't durable has gone by the wayside.

Metal signs should be thick enough that they are not going to bend easily. Our metal address signs are made of rust-resistant, durable, paintable that will hold up for several years to come.

Personalized metal address signs are perfect for the end of the driveway due to their ability to withstand the elements. If snowplows pass your house, you know the toll they can take on anything you have on your driveway. Metal signs will stand up to that.

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Choosing Home Address Signs that Reflect Your Personality and Style

Standout Steel Designs creates these high-quality signs to enhance your property's natural beauty while integrating perfectly into your overall decorative style. Whether you place your new sign on the lawn, in the drive, or on your wall, you're bound to love the unique aesthetic it adds.

Does the exterior architecture of your home match the interior style? It's essential that your address sign matches that overall style. If you place a sign that doesn't fit with the rest of your décor, you'll be disappointed in the result.

Your new sign is a reflection of your overall style and taste. It needs to compliment your home's architecture, your landscaping, and your personality. Understand that the size needs to be big enough to easily read from the street, though not so big as to take away from the beauty of your home. In addition, if you have a custom metal family tree sign in your home that stands out as a main decorative feature, choosing an address sign that bridges the design from the interior of the home to its exterior will help in carrying your family’s vibe throughout the space.

When friends and family visit, they're sure to love your new address sign. The neighborhood will love it as well, appreciating your exquisite taste for home décor.

Where to Place House Address Signs?

The most common placements for house address signs are on the front-facing wall of your home, depending on how visible it is from the street. Above or next to the front door are common, along with above the garage door. If choosing the front of the home, stand out at the edge of the street to locate the spot that is most visible from each direction of traffic. Trees and other landscaping can make this installation spot difficult.

If you have trees, will they block the sign when it's stormy? Are there other items on the house that will distract from the sign? It's critical that you place it where it won't be obstructed. Once you locate the perfect spot, installing an address sign is pretty simple.

If your home is set back over 50 feet from the street, you may want to consider other options for placing house address signs. That distance makes being able to see the sign difficult. Other options to consider are a lawn placement or placing at the end of the drive. The decision is

Placing your house address sign on the lawn can really draw attention to it. It's also going to offer an entirely new element to your landscaping. We build our steel signs to last. If you receive heavy snow, you'll want to ensure the sign is still visible above the snow.

Placing the sign at the end of your drive will give it excellent visibility. Since it's made of metal and is coated to protect it from the environment, it will be able to handle all the debris and dust from the road, as well as the snow and rain.

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Think of Standout Steel Design for Your Home Address Signs

Whether it's for your home or shopping for a gift, our team at Standout Steel Design will provide you with the perfect choice of address signs. Gifting an address sign is a sure way to show the recipient just how much you care.

Find your perfect sign from Standout Steel Design. Our expert team ensures you won't encounter any rusting or other issues with your house address signs. The attention to detail paid by our craftsmen is sure to provide you with many years of joy. When you decide it's time to get a new address sign for your home, give us a call or visit us online.