Tom Brady Wall Art: Upgrade Your Interior with Metal Wall Art Décor

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Metal wall art has become extremely popular. Sporting a retro vibe, it has a classic style that can be blended with many themes, patterns, and colors to match your interior design and personal taste. When you invest in Tom Brady metal wall art from Standout Steel Designs, you create the opportunity to complete your living space with eye-catching, impactful Tom Brady artwork.

Tom Brady: Seven-Time Super Bowl Title Winner

During Super Bowl LV, Tom Brady won his seventh title in a win with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—a 31-9 defeat over the Kansas City Chiefs. At age 43, he is the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. That’s just one of his many career quarterback records, which include more passing yards, completion, and touchdown passes than any other NFL player. He’s also the oldest player to become a Super Bowl MVP.

Brady joined the New England Patriots in 2000 and remained with the team until his contract expired in 2020. He signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that March and was joined by former teammate Rob Gronkowski when he was traded in April. The two set a record for most postseason touchdown receptions as Brady scored three touchdowns for Super Bowl LV. Due to his outstanding performance as a quarterback, Tom Brady is often called the “Greatest of All Time” or, simply, the GOAT.

Metal Wall Art Décor vs. Paintings or Posters

Sports fans have long enjoyed hanging posters, paintings, canvas prints, and other types of wall art. These are great for expressing your passion, but fall short on versatility. Here are some advantages of metal wall décor:

metal wall art decoration
  • Durability: Metal art can be hung just about anywhere and is quite resistant to damage. It can last for several years while retaining its quality. On the other hand, wood degrades over time and plastic can easily break if it falls. Standout Steel Designs takes metal décor further with a thicker metal that’s stronger and more resilient, while coating it to protect against sunlight, moisture, and anything that can cause rust or fading.
  • Aesthetics: Metal wall art has an eye-catching look. It is suited for just about any type of interior design and quite unique compared to other types of décor. A lot of detail goes into each product; every aspect of the piece must be carefully planned and crafted to ensure it meets customers’ expectations. Each item is custom designed. Our products are never mass-produced in a factory, meaning each one is truly unique.
  • Ease of Installation: Metal wall art is easier to hang than other forms of décor. Any shape is possible, so the signs are not always square or rectangular. There are often many openings created by gaps and other design elements. There can be greater flexibility with installation, as metal artwork can sometimes be oriented as you want. Some units can be aligned straight or mounted diagonally.

Where You Can Put Metal Wall Décor

Metal wall décor can go just about anywhere. If you have a living room, den, or another space where you watch TV, or a bar area, it will fit in just fine. Steel designs are well-suited for basements and man caves. They are bold and masculine, so blend in well with sports art and memorabilia, not to mention design themes that reflect team colors and other attributes.

A dramatically lit interior of a soccer themed

A bedroom, dorm room, or office is also a great place for metal wall art. These are places you want to express your interests and character. If you’re a sports fan, then having a Tom Brady metal art piece on your wall is a worthwhile investment.

Many materials, such as cast iron and wrought iron, are suited for placement outdoors. You can put decorative pieces in your yard or garden, or as an accent on your front porch. Copper and aluminum, while durable, can start to wear with exposure to the elements, although aluminum doesn’t rust.

Know what your artwork is made of before buying it. You can properly care for it or determine beforehand whether it will hold up in its new environment. Some ferrous metals can be protected with rust-resistant coatings that may need to be reapplied from time to time. Check your outdoor metal artwork for dirt and corrosion on a regular basis and clean and dry it as needed.

Purchase Tom Brady Wall Art Décor from Standout Steel Designs

Tom Brady artwork from Standout Steel Designs is superior to a cheaper poster. Our “Tom Brady – Play to Win!” metal wall art features a #12 (his jersey number) and the GOAT in a classic stance with a football. The words “If You Don’t Play to Win, Don’t Play at All” are featured on one side.

Available in 18” x 18”, 24” x 24”, or 30” x 30” sizes and in black, white, silver, or gold, it is perfectly suited for man caves and basements. This ced in a kid’s room as well. The options are limitless.

Purchase our Tom Brady artwork today with PayPal or other payment options. To learn more, contact Standout Steel Designs at 574-361-4911 today.