What Homeowners Need to Know About Buying Metal Door Kick Plates

Clean Flowing WELCOME Kick Plate

Door kick plates not only add an elegant finishing touch to your door, they also help to protect doors from being damaged by everyday wear and tear. Unfortunately, some people regard door kick plates as common household finishes, but buying a door kick plate is much more involved than buying a common fixture such as a towel bar. Door kick plates can also be artistic additions to a home’s exterior to enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal and compliment the homeowner’s personality and the structure’s design style. It is always ideal to buy custom metal door kick plates from an artist as opposed to buying one from a big box home improvement store in order to truly make your house stand out.

Make Sure Your Door Kick Plates are the Right Size

When you order custom metal door kick plates from an artist’s site, be sure to share the dimensions of your door and make sure the company designs the door kick plate using the right measurements. Door kick plates should be 2’’ shorter than the width of the door to prevent interference and door jambs when someone goes to close the door.

Metal Kick Plates Need to be Made from High-Quality Metal

Even though the purpose of a door kick plate is to prevent the door from getting scuffed up, you want to make sure the kick plate itself will maintain a clean look without getting dents, scratches and scuffs. This means you need door kick plates made from a thick piece of metal and not something cut from a flimsy piece of metal. The kick plates should also be coated or treated with something to protect them from the elements. Over time strong wind, snow, ice, heat and rain can cause signs to deteriorate with rust or simply corrode and thin out. Standout Steel Designs only uses weather-treated high quality thick metal to engineer stylish and robust door kick plates that will last a lifetime.

Door Kick Plates Showcasing Your Address

If your home is elevated off the street, having a metal door kick plate that showcases your address is a nice custom touch, and a useful one for those trying to locate your house. Door kick plates always stand out, so having an address there is an ideal location. If your home sits at street-level or the entryway is obscured by bushes, then having an address sign in the traditional location on the side of the home is ideal. But when your home’s front door is in plain sight, having your address on a metal door kick plate adds a layer of style to your property.

Consider Door Kick Plates Featuring Your Family Name

Address numbers help people find your house, but when you have a custom metal door kick plate with your surname stylishing cut in, people will know with 100% certainty who lives there. In addition, having a door kick plate with your last name engraved into it creates a true semblance of a loving home, and gives the home’s exterior an unexpected design element to be enjoyed by all.

Think about How the Door Kick Plate Lines Compliment the Home’s Architecture

Personalized Kick-plate

Keep in mind that you have many choices: you can special order custom metal door kick plates with rounded ends, squared edges, or choose a design with a “free flowing” cut where the outline has a fancy layers look. When choosing the door kick plate pattern, think about the lines of your home and make sure your choice reflects the design elements of the home’s architecture. For example, if you have a modern home with rounded windows, then opting for a metal door kick plate with a rounded design would be ideal.

Door Kick Plates Come in Color Options

When we think about metal, most people tend to envision the classic metallic coloring. But companies that design custom metal door kick plates can offer their products in numerous colors. It isn't wise to get a door kick plate in a bold color, as it just won’t look right against the door and the home. Keep it classy by choosing a metal door kick plate in white, black or silver. If you have a black door, a white door kick plate will look stunning, while a black kick plate on a traditional white door will enhance the overall look and feel of the home. Silver is a color option that will fit any door’s color scheme and is a safe bet, but one that still offers a luxurious look.

Metal Door Kick Plates are Great Additions for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Are you thinking of putting your house on the market anytime soon? Houses with great curb appeal always demand the highest prices and sell usually quickly. By adding a stylish door plate that has “Welcome” etched into the metal, or one that has the address engraved into it, you are adding a unique design feature that is relevant for any buyer, and you are making the home stand out in the neighborhood by giving it an element of sophistication lacking from other nearby properties.

Call Standout Steel Design for Affordable, High-Quality Metal Door Kick Plates

Standout Steel Designs offers a selection of stylish metal door kick plates that will accommodate a wide range of personal styles, and pair beautifully with any home regardless of its door type or architectural style. All of our door kick plates are made from high-quality, thick metal that will protect your door in the roughest times, and remain looking new.