Custom Personalized Metal Lake House Signs

For more than a decade, Standout Steel Designs has been creating unique, high-quality lake house signs using traditional craftsman methods, and thick, high-grade steel that will stand the test of time. All of our custom lake house signs are hand-crafted by artists who have mastered metal working and each offers unique characteristics that pay tribute to your family, lake house, or those special things that make your getaways to your second home of the lake so special.

Life is better at the lake. Lake house decor sign

Standout Steel Designs is proud to be known as that company that creates memorable, meaningful custom lake house signs for our customers who seek something that reflects their lifestyle in a highly personalized, well-made manner.  Each one of our lake house signs is a work of art that stands heads above those mass-produced metal signs that you buy from big box stores, malls, and Etsy (several big brand stores have opened Etsy storefronts as a way to sell mass produced lake house decorations). We offer a number of metal lake house signs in a variety of styles to appease all of our customer’s tastes, and each one can be customized with special details original to each order placed.

How to Shop for the Best Lake House Signs

The best lake house signs are defined by the following features:

Construction Materials - Without a doubt, metal lake house signs are the way to go. Lake house signs come in a number of materials ranging from various metals to multiple kinds of wood, plastic, fiberglass, acrylic, canvas, coroplast, vinyl, aluminum, neon, and many more options.

What many people fail to realise is that many of these materials present problems when used to be lake house signs. For example, wood signs succumb to moisture damage, rot, and lose their clean look in a very short time, while canvas can easily grow mold, coroplast is suited for short-term use, and neon is high-maintenance. The best lake house signs are made from high-quality, thick metal that has been coated with a material to protect it from the elements. These signs require zero care, they are very durable, and will look new for decades.

Design - Your lake house is a unique retreat for you, your family, and friends to enjoy. Like you, it has a special energy, and lake house signs reflect that energy. With this in mind, you want a lake house sign that’s been designed with custom features to reflect your property and the lifestyle it promotes. Buying lake house signs from a mall or big box retail store is not ideal because you are getting something that is also owned by thousands of other people. Companies like Standout Steel Designs makes original, one-of-a-kind custom lake house signs for customers that reflect their home, property, and lifestyle as opposed to some cookie-cutter mass-produced cheaply made thing that you can find on “aisle 12 next to the candles”.

Quality - Having lake house signs made from thick, superior quality metal is paramount. Think metal signs develop dents and pitting from the elements, and in a matter of months they can lose their appeal. Standout Steel Designs only uses the finest metals and components to design custom lake house signs that will last from one generation to the next, and beyond.

The Designer  - Lake house signs are special features that honor your property and family, so it is important to buy lake house signs from an artist that customizes each sign to compliment your dwelling and family. Invest from a company with a genuine passion for creating art, and not some random steel company or big retail store.

When you invest in lake house signs for your property while ensuring the above points are honored, you can rest assured knowing that you have found the best lake house signs.

Choosing Lake House Signs Based on Style and Design

Metal Lake House Signs

Lake house signs come in many styles and design options. Standout Steel Designs offers custom metal lake house signs in the most popular styles, with 100% customization options. Some of these include the following:

Lake Name Signs - Some people like to get lake house signs that represent the actual lake itself. If you are shopping for this style we can create lake house signs that feature the name of the lake in several font options, as well as the lake’s shape.

Family Name Lake House Signs - One popular lake house sign option is to get one featuring your family’s name. These signs are more personal, and come in a variety of fonts to choose from that range from rustic to whimsical.

Environmental Lake House Signs - No matter where your lake house is located, it will likely be known for something affiliated with local nature. Lake house signs can emphasize this by incorporating the animal, for example, into the metal sign’s design. If guests regularly comment on the peaceful sound of owls at night, consider a lake house sign with an owl cut into the design. Do you have your property on a lake known for some of the best fishing in the state? Consider lake house signs with fish designs. If deer are abundant and you love watching them from your patio every morning while enjoying your coffee, you can get a custom lake house sign with a deer added to the design. Bringing environmental features into the design is a great way to personalize  lake house signs.

Personality / Activities - People usually don’t invest in lake houses for the sake of having a place to rest their heads. Most lake houses are second homes, or retirement homes where outdoor activities are enjoyed steps from your front door. For this reason lake house signs featuring activities like canoeing or fishing are very popular, and your family’s name or the name of the lake can also be added to the design. These signs are terrific because they showcase your personality, while also letting guests know, right off the bat, what to expect when they pay you a visit.

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Standout Steel Designs is a family-owned business where artists congregate together with a passion for creating art, and that love of art is displayed in every lake house sign that leaves our workshop. We use the highest quality metal for our lake house signs, and offer customers total customization options. Make your property on the water stand out as a truly unique place where lifelong memories are formed by investing in custom lake house signs that showcase your family and property. Our team is standing by to help you with your design ideas, and if you need help coming up with ideas, we’ve got you covered through our collaborative and easy process.