Home Address Signs and Kickplates for Doors

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home is a worthwhile project for a number of reasons. One of the more practical reasons is a potential increase in the value of your property—sharp-looking homes tend to stand out, and are therefore more likely to sell for premium prices. Even if you’re not interested in selling any time soon, giving your house a visual upgrade lets you showcase your sense of style and simply makes the premises stand out with added style.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, remodeling projects have become quite popular as many people are spending almost all of their time at home. However, not everyone has the money or the inclination to embark on a top-to-bottom home improvement mission to completely redo the exterior of the house.

The good news is that you don’t need to go through extensive renovations in order to give your home a cool makeover. Our home address signs and door kickplates are easy to install, and go a long way toward adding style to your home. When you buy both of these items from Standout Steel Designs, we can customize them in a way that complements one another other. Let’s take a closer look at what these simple, low-cost accessories can do for you and your property.

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Choosing the Right House Address Sign

A home address sign is one of those design elements that can be both practical and stylish. These signs perform the valuable function of telling visitors that they’re in the right place. But a really well-designed house address sign does more than just this. It also enlivens the vibe and aesthetic appeal of your home. 

When selecting a house address sign, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. To begin with, you should know before you buy your address sign exactly where it will be located. This is important for several reasons.

One, you need to ensure that your home address sign is easy to see. The color shade of your metal house address sign must stand out against the home’s exterior paint color. For instance, a black house address sign on a black wall just doesn’t make much sense. You also need a spot where your sign will not be blocked by foliage or other obstructions.

Two, the distance between your house and the road determines the ideal size of your sign. If your house is very near the road, you don’t need a large sign—even a small one should be easy to spot. However, if you have a long driveway in front of your house, you should get a big sign with large numbers so that no one needs to enter your property to check whether they’re at the right address.

It’s vital to realize that the question of sign visibility isn’t just a matter of convenience. Address signs that are too small or otherwise hard to see can make it difficult for first responders to find you in the case of an emergency. Before ordering an address sign, you should consult your community’s 911 address number standards, which can often be found on local government or fire station websites. These standards typically provide guidelines for house address sign sizes.

Finally, you need to select a home address sign that is durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements. Remember that these signs will be standing outdoors in the sun, wind, and rain. A sturdy, corrosion-resistant sign, like the ones offered by Standout Steel Design, is essential.

What Is a Door Kickplate?

A door kickplate is a sheet of hard material affixed across the bottom rail of a door. It can be made of a variety of materials, but the highest quality ones are made from metal. Its purpose is to protect the lower part of the door panel from contact with footwear or other objects that can knock against it. Kickplates are also sometimes called door plates, mop plates, or armor plates.

Kickplates for doors are commonly associated with their use in publicly accessible spaces. Hospitals, for instance, use a type of kickplate known as a stretcher plate, which is positioned at the center of doors in order to shield them against the impact of fast-moving gurneys rolling through. Door kickplates can be used on residential homes as well, adding a dash of pizzazz to doors in addition to helping protect them from incidental contact.

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The Many Uses of Door Kickplates

Kickplates get their name from the common habit of opening an unlocked door by using a foot to kick or push at the bottom of the panel. This action is often performed by people who are carrying objects in both hands, such as bags of groceries, and cannot easily open the door any other way. The problem with this practice is that, over time, routinely opening a door in this way can gradually inflict wear and tear or leave behind a collection of ugly scuff marks.

Shoes aren’t the only items that can harm doors. Rolling luggage, strollers, mail packages, pets that scratch at doors to be let in, and other hard objects can and do strike against this part of the door, and probably more often than you think. None of this does your door any good.

Kickplates for doors provide a simple solution to the threat posed by all this kicking and bumping. These products are reasonably priced and easy to install. Once affixed to your door, they can be expected to provide long-term protection with few maintenance or cleaning requirements.

As previously mentioned, though, kickplates do more than just safeguard your door. They can also supply a valuable design element that helps beautify your home’s exterior. Door kickplates aren’t necessarily plain sheets of material. The kinds produced for residential homes often come in a wide range of designs, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the right style for your doorway.

Plastic or Metal Kickplates?

Some homeowners are attracted to the spectrum of colors offered by plastic kickplates, but these kinds of materials aren’t really ideal for use on your front door. Plastic can become dinged up by repeated contact, so it’s not always effective for shielding your door from unsightly damage. It’s better to choose metal kickplates, like those offered by Standout Steel Designs, which are much more durable and longer lasting.

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Your Options in Metal Address Signs and Door Kickplates

When you buy from Standout Steel Designs, you can be assured that you’re getting high-quality products that are designed to last. The custom address signs we manufacture are made from thick steel that is literally three times thicker than standard steel. These metal address signs and door kickplates also include a protective coating that will help protect them from Mother Nature.

With our home address signs, you have your choice of four colors (black, white, silver, and gold) and four sizes (14"x7", 18"x9", 24"x12", and 30"x15"). Our personalization options give you the opportunity to design a sign that suits your home and your tastes. It will be well suited for positioning on various parts of your property.

You also have the option of purchasing one of our laser-cut decorative metal kickplates. These too can be customized according to your preferences. Many of our customers elect to purchase a kickplate with the family surname or a “Welcome” message.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you.