Sports Wall Art as Custom Metal Signs

Sports Wall Art as Custom Metal Signs

Tom Brady Metal Sign

We often find ourselves looking for ways to update a room, and inject elements of our personality into a living space. Investing in well-made custom artwork is an ideal way to make a room truly unique and enhance the living space’s overall appeal. 

One of the best ways to add elegance, excitement, and create a desired mood in any room is to add custom metal signs showcasing your favorite sports team or athlete. Whether you want to enhance your man cave, elevate the decor in a child’s room, eliminate the “dull” from your office, or create some excitement on your patio, ordering a unique piece from an artist designing custom metal signs as sports wall art will add a touch of class while honoring your favorite team or pro athlete. 

Standout Steel Design was started by two brothers who saw a real flaw in so many metal signs that were saturating the art form with flimsy products that represented copy after copy of the same concept. They identified the real problems people faced when looking for custom metal sports signs: finding something well-made with authentic design originality. 

How to Shop for High-Quality Custom Metal Sports Team Signs

When it comes to making a smart investment in metal sports team signs, there are a few things to look for: the thickness of the metal, the quality of the metal, and the details in the design. The metal sports team signs created by Standout Steel are known in artist circles, sports fans, and art lovers alike for offering high quality works of art that will stand the test of time while boasting a detailed, well-thought design.

When searching for custom metal sports team signs or player signs, be sure to invest in a piece that utilizes thick metal and an exceptional design grade to ensure quality. Standout Steel Designs metal signs feature high-end unique designs created utilizing high-quality metal that isn’t flimsy but instead thick. Each sign uses 11 gauge (a guarantee that you are getting a metal sign that is 50% thicker than most signs that are out there). The signs should also be powder coated for indoor and outdoor use to ensure they are protected from damage such as rust, the elements, falling / something banging into the sign, and other potential hazards. 

Finally, you want a design that captures the glory of your team and, if you get a metal sign featuring an individual like Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, or Lebron James, then you want your sign to do more than just present their image but instead radiate their achievements and what they stood for, and still stand for. For example, some custom metal sports signs can feature an athlete with one of his famous quotes. In addition to this, look for a design that was conceived by a true artist’s eye. If people want cheap metal signs they can go on to mega big box store websites to buy something of poorer quality that was mass produced and that’s in the homes of thousands of others. However, if you want a showpiece that pays tribute to your sport, team, or athlete, and you seek something truly special, investing in a handcrafted, high-quality original metal piece of sports wall art made from a thicker steel is the way to go. 

Are Metal Sports Signs Good for Room Décor?

When it comes to choosing elements to make up your room décor, metal sports signs are ideal for a number of reasons. First of all, metal sports signs will fit into most interior design schemes. They already pair perfectly with the industrial, rustic, shabby chic, and country design trends that have been popular for many years now and show no signs of slowing. In addition, metal sports signs play well in creating a balance between masculine and feminine design aesthetics. 

Often, couples will struggle to agree on a décor style that meets both of their design needs. Of course women love sports too, and we are in no way saying otherwise, but a number of surveys from publishers like The New York Times, Time Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune all reveal that a large percentage of women do not approve of sports memorabilia functioning as décor in the home. However, studies also reveal that women are particularly fond of “farmhouse chic” and rustic elements. With this in mind, metal sports signs are ideal solutions to creating the right look and vibe that will resonate with couples, despite their differences.

Finally, like wood, metal is a natural element and it adds that much needed organic element to a room. While wood is more prone to scratches, moisture damage, and general wear, high-quality powder coated materials can withstand significantly more abuse and therefore last longer--something that’s especially valuable if you have kids in the home that love to rough house and play catch with their baseball in the living room. 

Go Big with Sports Wall Decor and Man Cave Signs

If you are looking for high-quality sports wall decor to take your man cave to the next level, large metal sports signs provide the best solution. Feature walls are big when it comes to designing a space; they set the theme and demonstrate the room’s overall purpose. When looking for man cave signs, consider a large custom metal sign featuring your favorite sports team, or your favorite athlete, to help define that space. We all know that the best man caves have an entertainment center (usually the TV and video games), a giant sofa, the throne, cool lighting, and great sports signage. You aren't living in a dorm room anymore, so forget about sports posters, even if they are framed. Custom metal signage featuring your sports team is the way to go, and if you really want to have the best man cave in your circle of friends, then consider adding a giant metal sign to make a feature wall in your man cave so you can take style and game day energy to the next level!

Call Standout Steel Designs Today to Learn About Our Metal Signage Sports Wall Art

Whether you are looking for a massive piece to customize a man cave, or a few smaller metal sports signs to enhance your décor in multiple spaces, Standout Steel Designs has the right solution to meet your custom needs. Learn how we offer a better product with significantly more value than what top competitors are doing, and allow us to enhance your family togetherness with a work of art that reflects your collective passion for your favorite sport and team.